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Hot sodium borohydride cas 137141-62-9

Hot sodium borohydride cas 137141-62-9

Hot Sodium Borohydride CAS 137141-62-9/China Factory/Safe Delivery/catherine@whbosman.com
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Sodium borohydride is an inorganic compound, as a white to off-white fine crystalline powder or lump. It has rapid reaction with methanol to produce hydrogen at normal room temperature.
1.sodium borohydride is used as reducing agent in aldehydes, ketones and chloride.
2.sodium borohydride is used as plastic blowing agent, hydrogenating agent for dihydrostreptomycin, intermediate of PBH, raw material of borane.
3.sodium borohydride is used in paper-making industries.
4.sodium borohydride is used as mercury sewage treatment agent.
Chemical Name Sodium borohydride
Sodium borohydrite; Sodium tetrahydroborate;
CAS No. 137141-62-9
Molecular Formula BH4Na
Molecular Weight 37.83250
PSA 0.00000
LogP -1.45160
Shipping:by sea or by air
Payment:T/T,western union,moneygram,bitcoin
Small quantity Aluminium bag, inside two level plastic bags(1KG or less/Aluminium bag)
Bulk quantity 25kg/drum, inside two level plastic bags
Others can do your package or split small packages according to your request
  @ Moisture-proof Plastic Bags
@ Aluminum Foil Bag
@ 5KG/10KG/25KG/45KG/180kg Drums
@  By Courier: Fedex, EMS, DHL, TNT, UPS, etc. 7-10 days product will reach you after payment received,  if it's agreed as ready stock before order.
@  By air, airport to airport
@  By sea
Адрес:RM5105, Shanhe Building, Wuchang District
Hot sodium borohydride cas 137141-62-9
Россия, Амурская область, Благовещенск, RM5105, Shanhe Building, Wuchang District
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$ 100 (Договорная)
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